I thought my first entry should be a quick look at what to expect from this blog and a little bit about me… so here goes!

According to Ammi (‘mom’ in urdu) it all started when I was 3 or 4 years old, when we lived in Bhutan; Ammi found me standing on top of a chair in front of the sink mirror rubbing a mango pit on my face.  When asked what in the world I was doing, I apparently said, ‘Aunty D told me to rub the mango pit, after eating the mango, and my complexion would be beautiful!’

Though everyone had (and still do have) a good laugh, Aunty D was actually on point in saying that mango is good for your complexion.  Not only is it good as an anti-aging and nourishing agent, it also increases elasticity of your hair and is one hell of a tasty fruit!  So there… ha!

The reason for starting this blog is because after getting asked about what skin care and make-up products I use by my friends, I thought it would be fun to write about it.  I, of course, made sure by asking a couple of friends if I was being overly presumptuous that anybody would really care, and got a definitive ‘NO’.  And as one of them said that it would be for friends (or anyone) who are interested, not everyone.

An Indian background and growing up in the Middle-East has provided me with a whole bunch of tips & tricks of homemade remedies for the skin and hair.  Also, it does not hurt to get a review about a product from someone who is using it as opposed to an Ad by the brand.

Something to know about me is that I really enjoy learning about nature’s elements and love using the basics to take care of my skin.  I feel natural concoctions (made from things that are already available in your home) that are created at home are more beneficial and effective than most of the products off the counter.  That said, I have come across a few products that have worked wonders on my skin.

So, WELCOME TO SKINESSENCE!! And I look forward to updating this blog with something new and refreshing…