I am at the stage in my life where I am being forced to focus on the effect everyday activities are having on my body, internally and externally.  In your early and mid-twenties your body is like a shield, deflecting everything harmful and the bane of your existence is ‘zits’!  As you roll into your late-twenties and early thirties your body needs a lot more loving and this is the right time to make certain you are providing it with all the care it needs.  Why wait until you see those lines and wrinkle to pay attention to your skin and instead start now, when you can actually prevent them.

Before anything, the first steps towards achieving radiant and healthy skin or hair is making sure you are eating the right food.  At the risk of sounding like your mom (she is usually always right)… what goes into your body is equally, if not more, important as what you apply to your skin and hair.

My daily routine is to drink a glass of milk (skim with a tad bit of instant coffee to give it some flavor) every morning before heading to work.  Drinking milk everyday is something my sister and I have been doing since as far back as I can remember…  When we lived in Bangalore, India my grandmother was very apprehensive of the milk that was delivered to our house and decided that it was not good enough for the girls.  She had this brilliant idea that we would get milk directly from its source; yes, the cow!  So, every day this scrawny little man would arrive at the house with his well-fed cow in tow, and my grandmother would watch over while he milked the cow to make sure he did not water down the milk.

I wouldn’t call these fond memories, funny maybe, but not fond.  Growing up, drinking that glass of milk was the most dreaded part of my day!  Even though the milk was stove boiled for a long time (in-home pasteurization… sure!), it still is one of the nastiest things I have smelled in my life!  The point of the story is that at the end of the day, my sister and I had clear and naturally glowing complexions.

It is really important that you eat healthy meals throughout the day; this is what keeps your body nourished and as a result makes you look and feel great.  A lot of people (I have been guilty of this as well) go without eating proper meals days at a time with the goal of losing weight.  Not eating might help a little with weight loss but at the cost of looking haggard with patchy skin and limp hair.  If you want to lose weight and cover up dull looking skin with make-up, then I guess you can continue what you are doing.

Eating the right food will provide your skin with the nutrients it requires to protect from damage and replenish dead skin cells with new healthy cells; giving your skin that natural glow without having to use make-up.

Here are a few things I like that are really good for you –

  • Milk – a glass every day!
  • Or any form of milk products – cheese, yogurt, etc
  • Prunes – great anti-oxidant and a good source of fiber
  • Almonds – eating these along with prunes is an added bonus
  • Freshly squeezed juices – I prefer orange but any fruit juice is good for you
  • Berries – most berries are anti-oxidants and help erase sun damage to the skin

All these are used in skin care products as components for anti-aging.  By using them externally you can erase the look of lines, imagine the benefits if you ate these on a regular basis.

So let’s start with the basics, ladies…