Hair today, gone tomorrow… Tuesday, Mar 22 2011 

I have often been told that I look a lot like my father.  Being the daddy’s little girl that I am, growing up I loved it when people told me I looked like him.  After some time it was a little bit of a concern because my father (I adore him!) is and as far as I can remember has been on the bald side.  This, however, does not stop him from religiously getting a haircut (if you can call it that) every month and on occasion shows more satisfaction with the results than other days… ‘I think he did a good job with the haircut this time.’  On these occasions I think the barber probably just made a lot more snipping noises with the scissors.

I love my father but as far as hair is concerned I really hope I have my mother’s genes!  I don’t want to have to start worrying about thinning of hair… Yikes! Scary thought!

As always, it’s mom to the rescue!  A warm coconut oil massage every weekend is on top of her list, but I never get around to doing that.  Here is what I do (every few months) to strengthen and provide nourishment to hair that has gone through a lot of blow drying and curling –

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 egg yolk







All you have to do is mash the avocado, add the egg yolk and mix well until you have a nice smooth paste.  You can also add yogurt for more consistency and if you have a dry scalp.  Apply this mixture to the hair (root to tip), leave it on for about an hour and wash off with your regular shampoo/conditioner.

I would recommend doing this on a weekend because this concoction is not the most pleasant smelling.

Let me know how it goes!

Happy hair care,

-Nusrat Shariff

Berry, Berry Beautiful Monday, Mar 14 2011 

Remember ‘freshman fifteen’?

Well, my sister and I gained more like ‘freshman fifty’!  My parents did not recognize us at the airport and my mum’s horrified look when she saw us was priceless.  It looked like someone had messed up her order – I could almost hear her say, ‘I did not place an order for two roly-poly daughters, topped off with zits, and dry and patchy skin!’

She did not waste any time worrying and got to work, more like got us to work.  It was going to be a cleansing process inside and out!  First, we got gym memberships and had to go twice a day, in the morning and evening.   Along with having this juice (made of lemon, honey and warm water) that was supposed to help with the weight loss.  Then there was the daily mask we had to apply for ½ hour every morning to brighten our complexion, which I still go back to when I feel my skin is starting to look dull and needs some rejuvenation.  This is my favorite!

You need to following ingredients –

  • Strawberry – in the summers, it is easy to get a box of strawberries.  For the winter you can buy a box, freeze it and take out one strawberry each time you want to make the mask.
  • Coconut cream – a small can from any store will last a long time.  Make sure to remove the cream from the can into a plastic/glass container and refrigerate it.










All you have to do is –

  • Mash the strawberry and mix half a teaspoon for coconut cream
  • Apply the mask and leave on for ½ hour

… and Voila!! The results are visible pretty quickly, even with just weekly applications – the coconut cream helps nourish and clear the skin, whereas the strawberry helps in the brightening process.

This mask is very easy to prepare and using it before you head out in the evening will give your skin that radiance.  Of course, please DON’T try this if you are allergic to coconut or strawberries!

The Day I Fell in Love… Monday, Mar 7 2011 

… with ‘f r e s h’!

Have you tried out If you have not, then I suggest you subscribe to it asap!  The concept of Spa Week is basically like Restaurant Week where in a particular month you can tryout participating spa services for a reduced rate; this is a great way evaluate spas in your area.

I had heard a lot about fresh products but never got around to trying it out.  A few years back when fresh was offering facials during Spa Week (in New York City), my sister booked both of us an appointment.  The moment the Soy Face Cleanser touched my face, I turned into a devotee and there has been no turning back since.

I was never a big fan of perfumed cleansers and had been using the Clinique cleanser; this would leave my skin a little dry and I had to apply a lot of moisturizer.  The Soy Face Cleanser is a clear (no lather) cleanser that leaves the skin feeling, true to its name, refreshed and well-balanced.  The cucumber in the cleanser wakens your skin with a nice smooth feel to it.  This is definitely one of my favorite products by fresh!

Having used fresh products for quite some time now, I have not wanted to try anything else.  If you are in the market for a new cleanser, my suggestion would be to go to a Sephora or a fresh store and ask them for a sample.  You will not see any immediate effects of the product but will get a feel for it and see if it suits your skin.

And be prepared to hear more about other fresh products that I have fallen for…

Happy skin care,

-Nusrat Shariff