… with ‘f r e s h’!

Have you tried out www.spaweek.com? If you have not, then I suggest you subscribe to it asap!  The concept of Spa Week is basically like Restaurant Week where in a particular month you can tryout participating spa services for a reduced rate; this is a great way evaluate spas in your area.

I had heard a lot about fresh products but never got around to trying it out.  A few years back when fresh was offering facials during Spa Week (in New York City), my sister booked both of us an appointment.  The moment the Soy Face Cleanser touched my face, I turned into a devotee and there has been no turning back since.

I was never a big fan of perfumed cleansers and had been using the Clinique cleanser; this would leave my skin a little dry and I had to apply a lot of moisturizer.  The Soy Face Cleanser is a clear (no lather) cleanser that leaves the skin feeling, true to its name, refreshed and well-balanced.  The cucumber in the cleanser wakens your skin with a nice smooth feel to it.  This is definitely one of my favorite products by fresh!

Having used fresh products for quite some time now, I have not wanted to try anything else.  If you are in the market for a new cleanser, my suggestion would be to go to a Sephora or a fresh store and ask them for a sample.  You will not see any immediate effects of the product but will get a feel for it and see if it suits your skin.

And be prepared to hear more about other fresh products that I have fallen for…

Happy skin care,

-Nusrat Shariff