I have often been told that I look a lot like my father.  Being the daddy’s little girl that I am, growing up I loved it when people told me I looked like him.  After some time it was a little bit of a concern because my father (I adore him!) is and as far as I can remember has been on the bald side.  This, however, does not stop him from religiously getting a haircut (if you can call it that) every month and on occasion shows more satisfaction with the results than other days… ‘I think he did a good job with the haircut this time.’  On these occasions I think the barber probably just made a lot more snipping noises with the scissors.

I love my father but as far as hair is concerned I really hope I have my mother’s genes!  I don’t want to have to start worrying about thinning of hair… Yikes! Scary thought!

As always, it’s mom to the rescue!  A warm coconut oil massage every weekend is on top of her list, but I never get around to doing that.  Here is what I do (every few months) to strengthen and provide nourishment to hair that has gone through a lot of blow drying and curling –

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 egg yolk







All you have to do is mash the avocado, add the egg yolk and mix well until you have a nice smooth paste.  You can also add yogurt for more consistency and if you have a dry scalp.  Apply this mixture to the hair (root to tip), leave it on for about an hour and wash off with your regular shampoo/conditioner.

I would recommend doing this on a weekend because this concoction is not the most pleasant smelling.

Let me know how it goes!

Happy hair care,

-Nusrat Shariff