… And drink it all up! Unlike Harry Nilsson I am not going to put any lime in the coconut; in fact, all you need is just the coconut!

The one thing I love to do when I go home for a break is go through all the old photo albums that my parents have collected over the years. This time I came across a photograph of my mother at her college graduation social – in the picture she is wearing one of my grandmother’s gorgeous sarees with her hair let down, which is straight, thick, black and down to her waist!

Neither my sister nor I have hair like my mother did (have I mentioned before that my father is bald?). My sister’s hair is curly, which she straightens regularly; and I have straight hair, which I try to curl. We like to think that when my father did have hair it probably was curly and that is where my sister gets it from.

Anyway, Ammi’s secret or mantra, rather, has always been weekly application of coconut oil. It is like my friend mentioned the other day, “We Indians use coconut in everything!” Coconut oil is widely used in the Indian sub-continent for hair care. It is one of the best natural nutrients that help in healthy growth and provides shiny complexion to hair.

After seeing that photograph I have started putting coconut oil at least twice a month but with a little twist of my own. Here is what you will need –

• Coconut Oil
• Olive oil or Almond oil

Warm the Coconut oil along with the olive/almond oil; massage your scalp with it and then apply the mix from root to tip. I usually apply the oil and leave it overnight.  It may take a couple of washes to get out the oil, but your hair will be nourished and will feel nice and silky!

Happy hair care,

Nusrat Shariff