… By Joseph Addison

You probably have heard of the saying, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words‘; apparently same is true of your eyes, they say a lot about you.  Well, since your eyes plan on being so eloquent and do all that talking, it is your duty to make sure they are at least presentable.

Having been blessed with (boring) dark brown eyes I made the mistake of wearing brown eyeliner during my college days, which didn’t do a thing for my eyes.  Hence all the eloquence was lost in the process…

A while back I came across a small section in the Bloomingdales magazine suggesting eyeliner colors that enhance ones eyes –

  •  Brown eyes – Navy/dark blue
  • Green eyes – Charcoal grey
  • Blue eyes – Dark brown

Of course these are just suggestions and the basic point is to use colors that will compliment your natural eye color.  For example, I read some place that a black eyeliner makes someone with green eyes look a little scary (unless of course that is the look you are going for).

I, personally, prefer a dark blue eyeliner on the inside of my upper eye lid for the day/work look.  This really helps in bringing a little definition to your eyes.  For an evening look, I use either dark blue or black eye liner and apply it on the lower lid as well.

I think ladies with blue eyes can play around with brown, mauve or plum eyeliners.  And the green eyed beauties can try brown, dark green or plum.

Once you have figured out the color, the next step is to find an eye liner that does not run; there have been many a times where I have ended up with raccoon eyes by the end of the evening.

It took me awhile to find the ones I like; my favorite eye liners are –

Have fun with your make-up!

-Nusrat Shariff