Even though we invest a whole lot of time making sure our hair is healthy and shiny, we spend equal or more time getting rid of hair on other parts of our body.  If you are born into a South Asian family, you know I am not exaggerating when I say that a good portion of our life is spent making sure every part of our body, other than our head, is rid of hair.

I am a big advocate of waxing as opposed to the use of blade, except when it comes to the area of the face; for the face, I prefer threading.  Threading is an ancient Middle Eastern/Asian technique used to remove hair from its root with thread.  You will mostly see these techniques being used on the face in general.

The reason I prefer getting my eyebrows/upper lip  threaded than waxed  –

  • First, there is a very (very) small chance, with threading,  that your eyebrow might go missing.
  • Second, with waxing your skin gets pulled; the pulling, over time, loosens the skin.  With threading at least it is one less thing to worry about.

Eyebrow Shaping

While we are on the topic of eyebrows, lets take a quick minute to discuss the shape.  Over the years I have seen women sport all sorts of shapes.  Someone I know once got hers arched so much that she had a perpetual look of  surprise.  At another occasion, my aunt (instead of my father I am throwing my aunt under the bus) mentioned that thin eyebrows were the trend.  Ladies, if unibrows ever become the rage, I highly doubt we will follow that trend (at least I hope we never will).

So, the basic rule of thumb is to try to stick to your natural brow shape and just clean any outliers or excess hair.  It never is a good idea to thin your eyebrow too much because you don’t want to be left with no eyebrows; you rather leave the hair as is than wait for it to grow back.  Things to keep in mind (I saw this on Oprah) –

  •  Your eyebrow should begin along the same line as the inner corner of your eye
  • If you place the end of a ruler at the outer corner your nose and put it on the outer corner of your eye, this is where your eyebrow should end
  • If you don’t have long enough eyebrows, you can always pencil them in

In recent years threading has picked up quite bit of momentum in the US as well.  New York city, ever since I can remember, has always had many threading locations; one of the reasons for visiting New York was to get my eyebrows threaded.  But recently quite a few locations have popped up in the Boston area as well and the one that I frequent is the Threading Spa.  They  have multiple locations that are easily accessible by public transportation or by car.

Happy threading!